sometimes I wonder....

sometimes I wonder...
do martino, jill, timmyp, or fatmarc read my blog like they used to
then I realize
I do not check out their pages as much as I used to
that said
I need to get back to reading blogs as well as posting blogs
but not tonight
the bed is calling


Marc from Human Resources said...


you are on my google reader.

I read you as soon as you update.


much respect.

(I loved the SC chronicles)


Scott T. said...

Same here. I check you constantly (I'm ashamed to say I haven't figured out how to get update notices when you put on new entries). A lot of your photos are taken around my office (20th/Penn), so I see a lot of the people you are shooting riding around as I look out my window. I've checked out a lot of the links you come up with to other interesting sites. Indeed, you've inspired me to start moving my lame blog afield of the typical "here's a recount of my race" thing.