the logic has always slipped me...

ran into KC this morning...
not that I know KC well... I still always enjoy our encounters

had not seen KC around town
his just getting back from a trek around Nepal would explain why I had not seen him
7 months in Nepal... sounds awesome... sounds life changing

as we rode a few blocks down 18th Street towards downtown we chatted as we dodged potholes, pedestrians, and of course grills and bumpers
when not marveling at the notion of a seven month trek in Nepal I ribbed him about his antique bicycle

to which KC responded... but no on will steal it

now KC knows that I am not always PC
so it would not have shocked him had I had enough time to share with him my understanding of that philosophy...
to ride a crappy old bike because no one will steal it has as much logic as marrying the fattest and ugliest person because they would not cheat on you

the error...
someone may still steal that bike
that person may still cheat on you
now that I have offended some people
I am going to get on with my day

seven months in Nepal
seven years in tibet