the boston tea party

I wonder...
I wonder how the masses felt about the Boston Tea Party when it happened

I wonder

I wonder who were in support and who thought that this was misrepresentation of the cause

I guess I could Wiki it and answer my question

Critical Mass is something that I do not fully agree with
yet I respect it
it does not entirely represent me or my ideas

the Critical Mass represents the ideas of the Critical Mass

I guess I am thankful of the gains achieved by the actions of Critical Mass but do not enjoy the backlash that I get from Critical Mass

sadly... if the people do not stand up against the actions around them that are wrong
then those committing the wrong actions may feel as if they are right
thus enabling them

I do not feel that one car represents all cars

so I would figure that car drivers would not think that one cyclist represents all cyclists

the war between the bicycle and the car needs to be discussed
the disputes need to be resolved

who would think that one person would represent the full group?

who would think that a sub group would represent the whole?

sure enough