no real time for a ride after work...

no real time for a ride after work...

no real time for a ride after work
tonight dean had soccer practice which does not allow for too much time between the departure from work and the need to be at home
so I went for a short social spin around town with the camera
just weaved through the city to the base of Capital Hill and back with my camera dangling around my neck

through the park in front of the white house
then past treasure and that building that was in the commercial that said
right on the money
now that building wears a different bank's name
it may have been riggs
it may be the ten dollar bill
not sure what bank occupies that space right now

I chased danny the boy for a few blocks
tough chasing with the camera
the shots did not quite come out
ended up deleting them all
even though a few of them were okay
hit delete thinking there were more
managed to delete them all looking for something better
sort of like cutting myself while chopping vegetables
I know the risks... yet I do not slow down the process
my finger will get cut and I will throw away more digital shots prematurely

up and back around town
no great distance traveled and no great duration of pushing the pedals
my legs were still feeling tired
tired from the thrashing at patapsco state park with mikek

more tired from the rock creek up and back on the cross bike solo on sunday
all the splashing in the pool and chasing of the kids
my legs were feeling it
so the social spin with the camera was perfect

I could use a three day weekend to aid in recovering from this three day weekend

ran into matt on penn avenue
snapped a few shots
did not throw them all away

then worked my way back on roughly the same route I took to the Capitol building

through layfayette park... that is the park in front of the white house I did not slow or stop to be social
I rushed my way up 16th Street with the camera around my neck
the lens open with the lens cap dangling between my legs
that gray plastic circle on a gray string bouncing annoyingly between my thighs
hitting the frame of my cross bike another time
one time this lens cap will break and I will wish I had shortened that gray string

fast up on the sidewalk past malcom x park
rushing to get home to contribute to the after school experience
emails had not established the course of action for the evening
as per usual we were winging it
there was the slight guidance of dean's soccer practice
but it was unknown who was going to attend and how people were going to get there

a debate started
grant wanted to go to dean's soccer practice
but actually grant wanted to ride on the trailer bike
which of course means trail a bike

but it had to be explained
the options do not involve grant on the trail a bike
grant can go to dean's soccer practice... in which case daddy will drive the honda element
or grant can stay with mommy and walk the dog and get loaf of bread
but grant wanted to go on the trail a bike
it would have been cute to say trailer bike again... but grant understood the distinction
the same way it is General Grievous
oh... never mind

the whole debate occurred over a longer time than estimated
because the debate continued while we sort of played the board game Zuthara, fueled up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, put on shin guards and cleats
all after I had already stepped out of my commuter gear

then I had to swap seats
the karate monkey single had the seat post with the trail a bike attachment
but the karate monkey did not have any pedals
I thought the swapping of the matching 27.2 seat posts made more sense than snagging pedals
especially since we were running late
the jamis nova cross bikes has gears
sure the seat post would be too high if I did not lower the trail a bike attachment
but I could deal with it
it was a short ride

I coached dean to hold on and focus on balancing
on the downhills I made sure he balanced well as we coasted fast
we talked about things with the wind in our ears
cars gave us some space
but I did not ride on the painted line to the right
no reason to let a car think that they can pass me by slipping in between our bodies and the double yellow line
important to make choices for those who are not smart enough to make the right choice

always trying to prevent the worst case scenario

a few minutes late we arrived at carter barron for dean's soccer practice
we passed so many of the cars that had passed us
everyone was line up for some shakespeare in the park... the sign read hamlet

soccer was soccer
dean and I stayed a few extra minutes to make up for the time we were late
we worked on some things
just the basic heading, kicking, and dribbling
the basics
he is only six... but there is always room to grow
six year olds have potential
but no six year old can learn to play chess if you do not play with them

we rode home
not directly home... just a few extra blocks on the way home

once home there were friends in the alley
then inside for dinner
everyone was starving

after dinner there was the promise of a project
a project that would start after everyone was ready for bed
that means washed faces, pjs, and brushing of the teeth
a good brushing... go back and finish brushing... did the tooth brush scan over each tooth in three different directions?
okay.... good... now smile and get the front ones one more time.... then your tongue
good job dragon breath

there had been promise of more of the board game Zathura
but everything else took so long to gestate that the choice was to watch/assist the darth mole light saber project or play zathura among yourselves
assist watch was the choice
after some assistance I instructed that there was verification of all the pieces of zathura were together then in the box
I worked faster without the assistance
and just because we only paid two dollars for that game at a yard sale does not mean that we should make it unplayable in forty eight hours by losing a few vital pieces

the four cardboard tubs that came in package at work did the trick
the scale worked out well and the safety orange tape on both ends with black tape in the middle made for quite a little organic toy
the gaffer's tape has a cloth feel and the cardboard tubes were far more solid than a paper towel tube

the boys played until one of the boys were crying
but that is how the kids game with swords or light sabers goes
it always ends with someone crying

lisa subbed in for the final putting to bed moments
I took a neighborhood walk with brutus up to the argyle market for a six pack of grolsch
got there ten of ten
ten after ten and no beer sales
ten seconds after ten and no beer sales

here I am
playing with pictures and putting down words
no time to reread this
but there may be a second to post another picture
and have another beer