DC Smart Bike in DCist

Jim Sebastian in DCist talking about the DC Smart Bike program

people can say the most ignorant things in the comment sections
which makes me feel good that my comment section has never been that popular

I could not handle the energy it would take to break up the fights at the end of each post

also in DDOT NEWS
Mayor Fenty, DDOT and Pepco Sign Right of Entry Agreement
Metropolitan Trail Construction Begins


Jeff said...

Don't be a hater Joel. If commenters talked about how hot you were in the comments you'd feel different. If its any conciliation I think yer dreamy.

gwadzilla said...

I can be a heckler...
but the electronic attacks can get exhausting

if you can not be constructive
at least be funny

beavis and butthead are so like when I was young

and thanks
I did know that you think I am dreamy

gwadzilla said...


two plugs for DC Smart Bike
and I saw Euan twice the other day
should this set of twos happen a third time

About WABA said...

Comment sections are useless. Who in their right mind would post anything to one?