there are more words in my head

I have more words... Donna has some images on FLICKR
thanks Donna...
and when I said that the yellow jersey smelled like Donna...
I was really just trying to reference than you were the only women in the Liberty Jamboree's short history to wear the yellow jersey
this is a good shot... I wonder of Jeff Clayman's video turned out


fatbob29r said...

Did Cargo Mike squeeze 29" wheels in that 1x1 or are the 650b's? Couldn't make it out from the photo's I saw.

gwadzilla said...

you are spot on!

Cargo Mike built up a set of 650bs for his Surly 1X1

and since the switch he has been rocking the rigid fork!

gwadzilla said...

that was a tough climb and a tough stage...

each racer set their bike up at the bottom of the hill...

everyone walked up

at the words GO!
people ran down the hill and grabbed a bike other than their own
everyone having already tried to find a bike that fit and had pedals that matched their cleats

this bike fit and had TIME pedals
a small gear

I was in the lead and got caught
could not spin that gear fast enough

my heart was was really pounding at the end of this stage
my heart was really pounding at the end of each stage

Greg Heil said...

nice to see some pictures from the dirt!

gwadzilla said...

there would be more photos of bikes on dirt... but when I am in those situations I am usually riding/racing

the other shots are either taken on days when my commute is short or not intended as a work out

or while walking to get my lunch

dirt is good for the soul
I like dirt

gwadzilla said...

oh.... on this stage we are all riding a different person's bike

the racers set up their bikes
we walked up a hill
we lined up
then we raced down the hill and grabbed a bike other than our own

everyone looking for a good fit and matching pedals

someone got stuck with RiderX's Fixed Gear

gwadzilla said...

I was leading this stage until just before the base of this hill
at this point Cargo Mike and DC Tony were each passing me