getting things done!

this week I took action and got a few things done
little things
lots of little things

a number of bikes were starting to slip
the Rip Nine had a flat from The Fair Hill Classic which got a new tube
that tube has to be replaced sometime... best to replace in sooner rather than later
it sucks to grab a bike from the quiver only to find that it is not ready to ride

the grips on the Jamis Exile single speed had been needing to be replaced for some time... which was no issue since I had some Oury Lock ons that worked with the Cane Creek Bar ends that did not work with the Cane Creek grips that were worn paper thin

here is my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike getting a spoke replacement at District Hardware and Bicycle Shop
bought a spoke and a washer to go between the crank and the pedal
the crank was creaking... I waited till the ride on the Capital Crescent Trail to make that repair
the noise was annoying but the reality that riding it lose could damage the crank arm is really what had me stop to fix things

more bikes need more repairs
this was a start

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