a set of shots from the Liberty Jamboree Kid's Race!

from the right....
Grant finished Third (age five)
Emily scored Second (age seven)
Dean landed in First! (age eight)

Dean was the only 8 year old in the game... which allowed him to race ahead to an uncontested first place
while Grant fought hard only to get "CHICKED" by seven year old Emily
putting Grant at Five in third place with a solid race

my wife Lisa told me he crossed the finishline with one hand raised... knowing he had raced a good race...
and he did have a good race
good sportsmanship and a solid effort

there are words in my head about a parent's effort to get their children motivated and to get them involved in the game
these words later

it was a good weekend
thanks to Jim and Amy for hosting this event
and a special thanks to Amy's parents for their contribution and their hospitality as well
we all had a great time
good people, good racing, and good time