Results from the 2 Wheel Worship Alleycat... thanks again to Neil\Kris and all the volunteers and even the racers!

top ten... 6th
not far off from the leaders
I formed allegances with my friend Ashby
she had a wealth of knowledge in the NE quadrant
she started off rocking it fast
but the heat and the hills took it out of her

we should have broken off from each other sooner
I was trying to get her to push her pace
while our allegiance was slowing us down
fun hanging... but... as I learned at the finish
there needs to be some selfishness to finish at the top

bellow is a shot of me at the NE Check Point that I would have had to go to the midpoint to find had it not been for Ashby
then ashby took advantage of the facilities
more time... I was not in a rush
only later in the race did my competitive urges start to get me restless 

2 Wheel Worship Alleycat

my images from the day on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
if you use my photos
be respectful and give me some credit when possible

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