DC Critical Mass Rides... LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH... MEET\GATHER\COLLECT and take off from Dupont Circle

Dave aka DJ Fanthom
search for Dave on the Gwadzilla page
you may find more what you are looking for if you chase this link
DJ on the Gwadzilla Page

the current photos are cool... but as the images age
they become even more cool
search the Gwadzilla page with the search box in the upper left hand corner
it is really random at times
but can often entertain

this is a great example... I search for "mess" on the Gwadzilla page
yes... random... yet totally entertaining
why mess?
well... sometimes Critical Mass is a Critical Mess

years ago DC did not have Critical Mass rides... instead... there were Solidarity Rides
an effort to avoid the aggressive stigma of the Critical Mass Culture
these rides work better when riders give surrounding smiles rather than the finger
although I get the whole car versus bike thing
I have been riding a long time and have spit on more cars and given more people the finger than I would like to admit
if you only go to two links

the pre-ride and the post-ride can be as much of the event as the ride itself

time well spent... just one of DC's many "social rides"
I never thought I would get pleasure attending a "social ride"
at first I was drawn as an opportunity to capture the cycling culture with my camera
but now...
I look forward to these rides to get together with friends and take a ride 

riding bikes with friends is fun
making new bicycle riding friends is cool

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