total rookie mistake... showed up at the DC Bike Party with no space on my SD Card... total rookie mistake... hard to balance all the tasks of life

September DC Bike Party Photos
no... not many... no... nothing sensational
but yes... a few photos from the September DCBP
only a handful

DC Bike Party on Facebook

thanks Eric\Angela\Leah... whoever organized this month's DC Bike Party
thanks to the volunteers for their efforts
DC Bike Party's Country Club Cruise

this was the DCBP with the most elevation gain
I enjoyed the hill... but I had to weave my way to the top
hard to pedal the single speed at the granny gear pace
I bet many of those newbies were feeling it in the quads the next day

always intrigued to see where these rides take me

great seeing familiar faces and friends
while also making new friends

Dupont is such a great park
but the DC Bike Party may have outgrown Dupont Circle as its launching pad
the exit from the park was slow
maybe a larger space with an approach to traffic where there is less traffic

previous Bike Party photos

and of course...
major dumps on the Gwadzilla Facebook page
that is major photo dumps on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
if you borrow an image
give me photo credit
even if it is for your profile pic

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