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Joel Gwadz not the craziest or the most ignorant... but a memory

I remember rolling down H Street... or maybe it was I Street... the current traffic patterns are confusing my effort to dredge up this memory... either way... it was one of those streets just crossing Conn\17th Street... that basic part of NW DC... I was rolling at a leisurely pace while I enjoyed a rolling lunch... a sidewalk cart hot dog with everything... boiled dog... chilli-cheese- hot peppers and of course mustard ketchup relish and onions and a coke when I saw another messenger a little bit ahead... I admit... I have always like cashing the bike ahead of me... I picked up my pace and buzzed past him hotdog in one hand coke in the other... he kicked it up a notch... we were side by side... I finished the last bike of sweet DC hot dog goodness and put the red and white coca cola can in the water bottle cage... hammering pretty good on my chrome mountain bike with narrow bars and a straight six in the back... when an ambulance took a left onto the road half a block ahead... one look at the ambulance and one look at each other and we each chased the ambulance... not to draft but to ride in its carless wake... our pace was high... we were no longer racing but enjoying the fast pace push across town... flying with an ambulance escort
then a motorcycle cop got into the mix 
first along side of us and then he raced ahead passing the ambulance...
the officer was out of sight... then out of no where the cop was off his bike running into the street... there was some shouting and then took a swing at me with his motorcycle helmet

it was a close call
pretty sure he was just trying to scare me
it was a bit of a shock... not necessarily scared
think he could have hit me if he wanted to
glad he didn't
thought he was a dick just the same

not sure who the other rider was

Joel Gwadz and yes... sour kraut.... can't forget the sour kraut
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