kids... seeing more kids on bikes...

saw this father son pair in Mount Pleasant Street as I was rushing the straight route from work to home so I could be on time for Back to School Night at my younger son's school
they were headed across town
dad had just picked up his son from school

I have great memories of a similar after school routine with my boys when they were his age

in the early years it was all about the alley
trying to keep the kids away from the dangers of the car culture
but the boys quickly outgrew the up and back
ramps and jumps were fun additives to the mix

but we eventually used the bikes for transportation
when they were training wheel age I would walk as they road
I would bargain with them
get them on the bike and have run an errand to the box store or the bakery
they got what they wanted... I got what I wanted

then...  bikes were not only for transportation
bikes were used for sport and for fun

so many good times
so many great memories

I really have enjoyed sharing my love of the bicycle with my two sons
great to see other moms and dads doing the same with their kids

youth cycling is growing

 Wakefield... we need to get to Wakefield more often

this was a bike ride around town before we went to see Jake Shimabakura
Dean enjoyed the ride more than the concert

Diamond Derby

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