JBOMB... sadly no longer a junior series... but still a fantastic day for the kids on the bikes

Dean and Grant rocking Wakefield at the JBOMB
I am a big fan of the JBOMB
sad to see the JBOMB go from a series to a single day
yet.. I am STOKED to have taken my boys to the JBOMB

those boys attacked the course
each of them raced for the hole shot
won the hole shot
was the first bike leading into the singletrack

each of them holding off the racers behind them and gaining and passing racers from previous categories in front of them

good day for my boys
good day for dad

proud poppa

thanks Pat\Julie and all the volunteers with Trails for Youth
great day
so many happy faces
so many young people developing a love for the bicycle
and the bicycle in its greatest incarnation
as the mountain bike

trails for youth part of the local mountain bike scene for YEARS!

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