if and only if... if only the actions of one car driver put the spotlight on all other car drivers as such... so that each individual looked in the mirror and made changes to their own behavior

Fatality in Central Park Caused by Bike on Pedestrian Collision
GOOGLE IT... there is a great deal on the web since this accident

this is a tragedy
my heart goes out to the family of the woman who died
I wish this had not happened
and well...
I am compassionate to the man on the bike as well
that man is every man\woman\child on the bike

we all "cut it close"
everything is within a tight margin
that is how the bicycle operates
everything is not avoided with a wide berth
everything is kept close... sometimes too close... sometimes unnecessarily close... sometimes dangerously close

there are lots of things to think about...
what can we do to prevent such things from happening?

I guess there is this notion that the streets are not the bicyclist's playground
this goes back to my dog chewing your shoe metaphor
when my dog is chewing something he is not supposed to chew... I not only reprimand him and tell him no... I also remove the item he is not supposed to chew... then I replace it with something that that dog is allowed to chew

give the cyclist somewhere that they can express themselves on the bike

but really...
I think it is unfair how this has all unfolded
I was not there... I did not see this... the story has been told second hand by so many people
most everyone had their decision of who is guilty\who is at fault before even hearing all the details
this is an awful event that we all wish had never happened
one bicycle incident versus all of the car accidents?

really... this is an isolated incident
focus on the real villains... the real dangers... the REAL SCOFF LAWS... the ones that are ones that are actually TERRORIZING those around them

it aggravates me to hear the anti-bike rhetoric
everyone needs to take a second and look in the mirror

pedestrians... cyclists... and car\truck\motorcycle drivers...
if we focused on ourselves and all worked harder to be more focused, more in control, and more considerate of others... well... the roads would be safer

instead... we have self righteous pedestrians crossing without the light with their focus on their cell phones rather than the world around them
speeding cars angered that a bicycle slowing them down
and cyclists breaking laws in a fashion that does not make sense for them or anyone else

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