the episode with John Dinn... well, how things unfolded reminds me of the value of an identification bracelet; cyclist\runner dog tags

as I am not the type to attend Interbike I am about to spout off on something I do not actually know...
but beer can do that to ya

Road Id and Sports Tag Id are the top two quality sports identification wrist band products on the market

had my friend John Dinn been wearing an identification bracelet when he collapsed and was picked up by the ambulance after having a heart attack there may be the chance that they could have contacted his wife
instead of her going into a panic and having to play detective and find her husband

currently I do not have a ID wrist bracelet... all have been lost or broken... I think it is time to invest in another one

no offense to John
but I thought a photo of Liz Hatch would be more entertaining than a photo of John Dinn

and yes... I am happy to report that my friend John is doing fine
recovering from a heart attack
a serious heart attack

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