rainy day... rainy day... tried this backpack cover out... and I like it

a few weeks back I was sent some products to test out
there were a few packets of reflectors that attach to the spokes
and then also
there was a backpack cover

I was stoked to receive these products for some quick R&D and write up on my blog
the spoke reflectors seemed like a useful option for myself and for my boys' bikes
but the backpack cover... well... I was not so sure it would work with my Ergon pack
then this morning came with its misty morning

this morning when I put on some rain gear I thought I would try the Salzmann High Viz 3M Reflective Waterproof Backpack Rucksack Bag rain Cover
it fit and well.. it did the job

not only did the bright yellow cover with its reflective strips make me more visible to the workld around me
but the cover fit over my pack and kept my work clothes dry!

although I just got the product and this is my first time using it

I can tell that it is a well made product
with quality materials and solid stitching
if I had not gotten this for free.. I would most certainly buy it!

Salzmann High Vis 3m Scotchlite Reflective Waterproof Backpack Rucksack Bag Rain Cover for Cycling or Running
for sale on Amazon
and the reflectors on Amazon as well

both of these products have 3m Reflective Products.. in my experience... 3m is the best in the business for adhesives and beyond

fantastic randomness when I search for ERGON on the Gwadzilla Page

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