POV Video of a cyclist getting Doored...

"the door zone"
here is a pov video of a NYC cyclist getting doored

I ride in a style to avoid being "doored"
I have never been doored
but I have had countless close calls
as the expected place for cyclists to ride is so often IN THE DOOR ZONE!
DOORED on the Gwadzilla page

there is a method to the madness
the zigging and the zagging
the serpentine movement through traffic
it is not for the thrill of it
avoiding conflict... avoiding danger
trying to stay clear of the WORST CASE SCENARIO

DOOR ZONE on the Gwadzilla Page

car drivers... look for cyclists
especially when getting out of your parked car
double especially when your opening door obstructs the bike lane
odd where the placement of the bike lane is
seems sort of illogical that the bike lane is supposed to be sanctuary while the door zone is almost certainly the danger zone for cyclists

be safe on the bike
be considerate when in the car

cyclists assume that you are invisible to the car driver
car drivers... always assume that there is a bicycle in the bike lane

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