not significant.. but not insignificant... there have been some changes to Wakefield Regional Parks Mountain Bike Trails since I last rode\raced there

10 year old "catting up" at the JBOMB

yes... he rode two laps
but I do not think he would have finished one lap faster than Grant finished his
I think... but am not certain... I think that Grant reeled in and caught all but one or two of the 11-12 year olds
quite possible that even with the delayed release of his group... quite possible that my son Grant
not pictured here
quite possible that Grant was the fastest over all among the sub 12 year old racers

Wakefield Regional Park
I need to get my fat ass and my fat tires to the trails at Wakefield
it has been too long since I have ridden or raced at Wakefield

I considered only sharing the top photo
but... since I took both
I will share both

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