I did not "almost hit you" and yes "saying ""excuse me"" does give me a right to pass your... your response to my presence is not within my control... I do not decide if you get spooked or not

yesterday I was taking the straight route home
battling a cold, not having any approaching race ambitions, and just feeling lazy has kept me from doing anything more than the most direct pedal home this week
yesterday was wednesday... which has me in a rush to get home so I can load up my car with kid and soccer gear and head off to coach my son's U11 rec league soccer 

out of my office down on the National Mall... a few blocks to Pennsylvania Avenue\Main Street USA and then through the park by the White House and onto the separated bike lanes on 15th Street
well.. actually during rush hour... I often just keep to the streets
the bicycle traffic in the bike lanes can be slow going
so... I take it to the streets

up 15th... then somewhere before U Street I take a left down a beautiful block lined with historic rowhouses
then up 16th on the road for a few blocks
where the fast moving traffic has me pedaling for cover on the sidewalk
as I point toward the handicap ramp on the corner I give the pedestrian a heads up with a friendly... "excuse me... on your left" as I roll up the handicap ramp
to which I hear a simple and clear "F_ck You."

me being me... I can not let this slide

I roll back and ask him what his problem is... he of course says, "you almost hit me"
well... almost hitting someone is like almost pregnant... there is no real almost... either it happened or it did not
I did not almost do anything
sure... I may have come close to him... but I did not brush against him
and I most certainly did not "almost hit him" because hitting him would cause me to crash
and well... I most certainly do not want to crash
so... "almost" may not be the best word usage... but... "f_ck you" is not the best way to articulate yourself either

so... we have this attempt at a conversation...
he is walking and I dropping the F bomb more than I deserve
I am amused
but really... I am confused
did my action really merit this attack
I turned around... not that I want to fight him... but does he not realize that "F-You" is an invite for a fight

it goes back and forth... he says "have a nice day" but he does not mean it
I turn around and say that I accept his "have an nice day" sarcastic or not
he of course drops another F Bomb

I head for home... I do not have time for this guy
it is not clear what his objective is
but I have no need for him and his inability to have a civil exchange with me
I get his frustration... I HATE BEING BUZZED BY A BIKE
but... I did not buzz him... and I was trying to be polite

my action only had a small contribution... the issue is in his head and not in the world around him

enough on this guy

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