scooters... motorized scooters... and their desire to take up bicycle parking... WHY? someone make it stop!

WABA... where is WABA on this?

in short... there are regulations based on engine size and speed
it used to be under 50cc
but the claim now is under 30 MPH

this NBC news report has a breakdown

I guess I can dislike the scooters riding on the sidewalk and parking in the bike spaces
but it appears that they are within their rights
unless their scooter is large enough to qualify as a motorcycle
in that case... STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS! 
which in turn would keep them from stealing our coveted bicycle spots


I think that there should be motorcycle\scooter parking separate from bicycle parking
I do not want their peanut butter in my chocolate... no matter how much I enjoy a Reeses PeanutButter CuP!

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