what is wrong with people...

people suck.

can you please put a rebuttal to this statement...
I thought not

it is true... PEOPLE SUCK!

your car gets dinged in the parking lot... the driver does not leave a note
as a cyclist you get hit by a car... that car driver never slows or stops

in Key Biscayne a cyclist was hit and killed and the car driver fled the scene... as if no one would notice his shattered windshield covered in blood with a mangled bicycle stuck to his car

Death Sentence Now!

evolution is too slow...
Death Sentence to IDIOTS AND ASSHOLES!

I have a pocket full of stories of getting hit by cars...
hit and run... yes... multiple times
an exchange of information... where false information is given... multiple times
people suck.

this did not need to happen... there is something wrong with our society

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