a few more photos from Bike to Work Day aka BTWD

Bike to Work Day
the red carpet should be rolled out for cyclists everyday
for so many of us everyday is bike to work day
yet... this is the day to feel special
this is the day to stand on the pedals and get counted

it did not rain on this year's Bike to Work Day
in the days of Eric Gilliland it always rained on Bike to Work Day
check out the Gwadzilla Archives for mention of Bike to Work Day\BTW

then check out the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
go to the photo albums
quite an extensive archive over there

visit it often

I will throw these images and a few others on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

 I breezed through Bike to Work Day
the morning responsibilities got in the way of my bicycle obsession

Phil of Bicycle Space
a long time positive contributor to the DC Cycling Community
gotta love Phil!

key players in the DC Bicycle Advocacy Scene

lots of smiles at Bike to Work Day!
I blew off the SWAG
although I love free
I had to get to work
just enough time for a few snaps of the camera