Jenn and a cycling EPA co-working friend at Bike to Work Day




Rob said...

those are sweet jerseys. how do you get one?

Jennifer Wills said...

We had an order at work a few years ago. We haven't had one since. If you know someone at the Agency, you should tell them to watch for a future order.

Rob said...

nice. thanks for the info.

question: do you work in the new(ish) EPA building in crystal city? i did the indoor air quality assessments there in 2007. it's a great office building, but kind of creepy at 2 in the morning when no one else in in it

Jennifer Wills said...

I work in DC but I go to the Crystal City building for meetings on occasion. It is a nice building. The conference rooms have huge windows. I can imagine it's creepy in the middle of the night. But seems like any office building would be.