we had a function over on the grounds of the National Cathedral the other night

the other night Lisa and I had a function for Dean and Grant's grade school on the grounds of the National Cathedral After I dropped Lisa off I parked the car unnecessarily far which gave me a chance to see the Cathedral from various perspectives when I neared the Refractory I decided to take a detour through the Bishops Garden Years ago I remember coming here with friends and hanging out at night always respectfully... just a cool place to chill out In this garden there are all sorts of great benches to offer a place to relax and soak in the awesomeness of this building at a variety of unique angles each bench is adorn with a plaque each plaque has the names of people for whom a donation was made in the name of I went and looked for a bench with an old friends name on it I had heard that the family had made a donoation in their son's name this friend was family to me I have looked at the benches and the plaques before but I have never found it yet I enjoy looking it is a beautiful place and it is good to remember an old friend maybe on the next full moon I will ride my bike across town and find that bench then soak in the Cathedral under the light of the moon some better shots of The National Cathedral under different lights and a post on Jim Wilborn