lights... lights at the cathedral..... a very trippy scene

base rush?
I can see the lights but I can not hear the music
the lights pull me closer

was there music?
it was wonderful even without music
perhaps better without music

close encounters?
most definitely
definitely out of this world

the car pulling through altered the foreground darkness
the people passing in front of my tripod are part of the shot
such is toying with extended exposures
lots of trial and error

not quite the Lodi shots by Gary Ryan
gary is getting good with the camera

somewhere I have some old black and white film shots that I took with my Canon AE-1 at the cathedral
messing around with extended exposures and off the camera use of the flash
Canon AE-1? an old camera... a camera that is older than me
it was my father's before it was mine
it has been years since I shot with that camera
that camera was many cameras ago
before I went fully digital I had a Canon Rebel
those cameras are in a box with my Polaroid Land Cameras and my Kodak Brownies

Canon and Nikon is like Mac or PC or Schwinn versus Raleigh

bulb shots in complete darkness with off the camera shutter
messing with the camera certainly costs more when shooting film
took shots while taking a class at Montgomery College
there were times trying to catch the fireworks on the mall
the cathedral grounds are a beautiful place
I still do not know where the bench dedicated to Jim Wilborn exists
I recall riding out to the cathedral grounds on my bike a few days before heading off to race at the 24 Hours of Moab
a race weekend the weekend before I got married
went looking for some guidance from Jim
did not find the bench
found the guidance

funny to think how long I have been hacking with the camera
maybe as long as I have been hacking at it on the bike
but not quite

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the original big ring said...

they do the same thing, during the summer, on our Parliament buildings. they have a theme and a story narrated at the same time. pretty cool