Share the Road... a misunderstood phrase

Share the Road
Share the Road does not mean to Share the Lane
to Share the Road does not mean that the Bicycle needs to clear the path for the car to cruise through...
cars want bicycles to ride to the right... yet they do not leave the right hand side of the lane open after they pass
n fact so often... cars pass cyclists then block the right hand side of the road
cars would do well to spend more time riding closer to the center line
actually... car drivers would do well to step out on the bike... f_ck... clone themselves and have them ride on a road surrounded by themselves driving
then and only then may they understand the results of their actions

Respect for Life... Respect for Safety... Respect for Space
Sharing the Road is about Respect

I try to give the car drivers around me respect...
but that does not mean that I clear the path... I respect that they can be a danger to me... so I respect that they may not know how to pass safely... so I ride in a fashion that puts me where I am most safe
sometimes that is riding like a ghost... other times it is riding in the middle of the lane so that they must cross the double yellow line to make a pass

since I am the only one really concerned about my well being... I need to take such actions

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