dogs will be dogs...

it is true... dogs will be dogs

it is also true that the last two dogs to bite me were dogs that do not bite

well... almost true
sort of stretching things... some freaky dog snuck up on me when I was walking my dog in the alley behind my house when I felt it approaching and retracted my hand as I felt its mouth gather around my hand
no contact was made... then moments later that same dog was about to nip my dogs butt... but I scolded him
then when his owner said something I told him that his dog just bit my dog
he said his dog does not bite
which was funny... had I been more passive in either situation that dog would have bitten me or maybe I could have allowed that dog to bit my dog
even though that dog does not bite

it is a dog... it is in its nature to bite

yesterday I went for an uneventful ride across town where I tried to test my handling with some intermittent dips into the woods for some urban single track
was not feeling to strong... no legs and no lungs
was not feeling that spry... should have juiced up on some coffee in the afternoon
was not feeling that in control... the old SPDs were not sure if they want to unclip on command... the old and tired shock is showing its age... and well... yes well.... I have not been on the bike on dirt in some time
so... I get what I get
this is what I have got... a little more than nothing

so... out on the bike riding mellow through the woods just trying to see where I am at
trying not to crash
trying not to get hurt
all this trying kept me from trying anything
did not even try things within my cycling vocabulary
avoided anything at the apex of my understanding of the bike

looped around and saw a few runners and a few dog walkers
there were all sorts of leashless dogs doing their leashless dog thing
at one point a dog ran by my side without an owner... I paid it no mind
then on a return loop as I passed that same dog who was now within ear shot of its owner who had her kids playing in the creek

I paused after a technical section that fed into the creek crossing as so not to spook the dog
then when I went to go past slowly it happened
a quick nip without a breaking of the skin
just so owner would know I told her that I had been bitten
which is when she told me that her dog does not bite

well... then I guess madame this is not your dog
this dog is of the biting variety
I know this because this dog just bit me
there is a bite marks on my calf

there was not much chatter in fact a second was long enough
there was nothing more to be said
no claims to be filed
no paper work to be signed
so... I clipped in and rolled on

ah... the thought crossed my mind about that little brown sign with the red line through the bicycle
where things would stand had there been damage or injury
where would the world stand on such an issue

there was no need for discussion

that ride happened as I backed down on an effort to ride a quick out and back on the Capital Crescent Trail
today I did a quick out and back on the Capital Crescent Trail with some breaks for some urban single track before during and after

fitness is no where near where it should be
no power
can't spin... can't climb... can't
got nothing
got to try and get it back

I am a dog person... most dogs can pick up on that
the dog that does not get it just does not get it
that dog is a bit off
the funny thing... while talking to this women about her none biting dog that bit me I was petting the dog and it was responding well to me
then when I got back in the saddle it made another lunge
this time stopped by the leash
I wonder if the squeaking of my Thudbuster seatpost threw him off?