words and images.... and not enough time

there are not enough hours in the day to be all the people I want to be...
there are obligations and there are commitments

I have a job and I have a family
outside of that I want to ride and race my bike
then I also want to maintain a bicycle blog
there is just not enough time for all of this
throw in Wii and FACEBOOK and I am in a serious time crunch

something has to suffer

rants come into my head... get developed in my head... but never make it to the keyboard or the computer screen
by the time I get to the computer I lack the time, the energy, or the inspiration

I have considered getting a digital tape recorder
I often scribble down notes
but... it is always the same... I get to the machine and I am brain dead
right now I am brain dead
typing for the sake of typing
trying to fill the void
trying to play through
thinking that if I keep typing then maybe something worth reading will show up on the screen
no dice rock slice
nothing but crap

you get what you get
no deposit... no return

you break it... you buy it