our kids go to the same school...

our kids go to the same school...
we see each other at school functions
as we are brothers on the bike... we gravitate towards each other to discuss bicycle related concepts at these said school functions
recently our discussions have involved updates on the status of his stolen bike... actually bikes

although I am not sure of the specifics I will give an brief synopsis... as inaccurate as that synopsis may be

so this man was unloading his bike along with his family's bikes after a weekend vacation
during the process of unloading the car and putting things away three bikes were stolen from his backyard
gone... vanished... disappeared

there was denial... anger... frustration...
all the classic mechanisms for dealing with such a loss
there may have even been replacement

then one day this guy saw some kids from the neighborhood riding down the block on bicycles
one of kids was on his wife's bicycle
or maybe it was his bicycle... it is not my story... it is his story so the details are hard to share
as I do not know the details
yet I share the mangled details just the same

well... so... he approaches these kids

I was not there so I can not guide you in any direction as far as the specifics of the situation

I do not know the time of day or the age or the number of kids
nor do I know the tone of the exchange
all I know is that he got the one bike back and let the kids go on their way
while I felt that there should have been some recourse
but what?

as said I was not there... the variables of the situation will dictate things in one direction of another
I question... does a kid come home with a stolen bike and bring it in the house
maybe the parents are not so focused on their comings and goings as they are teenagers who like all teenagers enter and exit the house dodging their parents

so... what should happen in this situation?
well... I think that the retrieval of this bike is a direct clue to the recovery of the remaining bikes
this kid is both suspect, clue, and bait
this kid would definitely know where the other bikes are
so what could be done?

should the parents be called? would someone call the police?

my fantasy would be this...
and this could never happen
and it should never happen
yet it is funny to think about a situation of it happening and the various alternate endings

so... a short quick exchange where the bicycle is retrieved
then there is the placement of a U-Lock around the kid's neck
along with a note
what would the note say?
the note could say what what happened or who to call

the note could include instructions to go to the 3D Police Station and explain things... the key will be left there with an extension of this note... a synopsis of what happened
more than likely without a trace to the owner of the U-Lock

this could be the scenes of a very funny movie
you choose... it could go the way of Quinten Terintino and Pulp Fiction or things could be lead by Seth Rogan and Pineapple Express
either way... imagine this kid trying to resolve this
the immediate effort to use force
the panic to find someone who could assist in the removal of this
efforts... stupid efforts... trying to bend and break it... fre0n being sprayed and freezing his neck
it could be hilarious
then going home to his parents
wearing a turtleneck or a hoodie where there lock is a big lump under the sweater
going to school
still trying to resolve this...

it could go so many directions
too bad all of them are wrong
retaliation to the man with the key to the U-Lock... after all... the took the bikes from his backyard
they know where he lives

legal retaliation... civil suit... some sort of claims... pain and suffering claimed in front of a generous washington dc jury

it would be a train wreck caused by a U-Lock

sorry... wanted to proof this...but that rant got lost in my head
you get what you get... no money back on this one

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