start them young...

they say... start em young

when my boys were young there would be these kidless jokers that would tell me to give them golf clubs or put a tennis racket in their hands
well... I do not play golf or tennis... so for me to expose my children to these things early would really do nothing for them
it would be unlikely for me to develop the next Tiger Woods or Venus Sisters with my very brief encounters with country club life

now... if an elite athlete sets the example for a young child... that is where the difference can be made

I am just a person with two kids... my boys are just boys
they ride bikes just as I ride bikes
bikes and sports are part of their lives just as bikes and sports are part of their father's life
but not with any Olympic ambition
exposure and the lessons of love of the game

in my case it is not a formula for high achievement
but in the case above...
well... things may be different... if you have clipless pedals before you can walk... well... there may be something here!