this is dc... not portland

this is dc... not portland!

we are a little uptight here in dc

our cross races tend to have barriers rather than coffins or tombstones
most of our races wear cycling gear instead of dresses or outlandish costumes

there was talk about DCCX having a halloween theme
but all the novelty was shot down
as the focus of the race was to host a real cyclocross race
we did not want to water things down

and we could not get clearance to set up the ramp to jump over the pond filled with sharks
the desire to eventually become a UCI event was a factor too
we could not get the sharks to wear helmets

that said
we did not turn anyone away who chose to ride in costume
some did... and we thank them
their energy added to the energy of the day

I am not sure if this is Rocky Horror Picture Show
or if this guy came straight from the annual High Heel Races on 17th Street by the Fox and Hound
either way... he looked like he was having a good time
and he looked good
he looked real good

tonight is the tuesday before halloween
I wonder if the High Heel Races were held tonight