rainy day today
we need it
but that does not mean I have to like it
I may not like it
but I do not mind it

everyday there is not time to march around with the camera
it is not neccessary to ride with the camera around my neck everytime I ride but am not really riding
honestly... my legs are a little tired
not just from the paranormal in charlottesville
but just tired in general

I got out a few minutes early and headed straight home
got home early and took my dog brutus into the woods
I enjoy taking the slightly extended loop in the woods with the dogs
excuse me... dog... it has been dog for quite some time... but I still think dogs
maybe it is time to get another dog
so when I think dogs I get dogs

it is good to get out into the woods
even if that trip into the woods is on foot
walking in the rain is not just not so bad
walking in the rain is good for the soul

the rain is good
we need the rain

rain is good

dccx is this weekend
I have not checked weather dot com
but I am confident it is going to be a great cyclocross race

1 comment:

Frank Brigandi said...

I love the rain, love the feeling of it going slow, going fast.. the rain is constant, freakishly alive.

huphup at dccx?