jeff phillips would be smiling if he rode his bike there

just scanning the web looking for something to interest me

a story on bike lanes
has me thinking that jeff phillips would be smiling it he rode his bike there
that is if he is physically capable of riding a bike
this weekend I am thinking of swapping the cross race for a mountain bike race
maybe even just a mountain bike ride
I need to do some smiling on the bike
the weather has been sensational and I am not taking advantage of the dry buff trails

maybe the single at shaffer farms
maybe a dash down to the paranormal

it is good for the soul to smile


Unknown said...

you should come down to the paranormal its going to be a blast
joe from bike lane

Tim said...

The skater Jeff Phillips who killed himself over the holidays in 1992? or was it 1993? He was very talented, at least he didn't end up like Gator.

gwadzilla said...

I was cracking on the Jeff Phillips who made the editorial comment in the link that I shared on that post

it was obscure
just testing to see who is listening
or who is paying attention to what

something about the skate culture
they are like rock stars rolling around on four little wheels
like rock stars there are too many who crash and burn

time to edit that song, "momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys"