tonight was a good night for an overcoat

tonight was a good night for an overcoat
an umbrella would also be a smart thing to have
last night was no different

last night we got a sitter for the boys
lisa and I went to a silent auction
it was good to get out and support a good cause
not sure if we won any of our bids
but we had a good time driving up the numbers

tonight the boys spent the night at their grandmother's
another night out on the town for lisa and myself
a five pm closing time at the corcoran took the annie leibovitz
then our notion of dinner at the colorado kitchen was 86ed
as the colorado kitchen is closed for a few weeks
so we and checked out red rocks over on 11th and park

red rocks was just what we were looking for
the hostess took us upstairs
I requested to be seated downstairs in the same room as the bar
better atmosphere
more eye candy

the food was matched well with the wine
and the atmoshpere was warm and dry on a cold rainy night

there was no fire burning in a fireplace
but there was that warmth

glad to try red rocks
high marks for red rocks
still need to check out the colorado kitchen

the umbrellas and the overcoats are dripping dry in the front hall
I am warm and dry infront of the warm glow of my laptop and the television
bill maher is on
then time for bed

red rocks in columbia heights
reminds me of a place called fire and ice
I liked
I loved the old black and white photos of the neighborhood from the 40-50's

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