a beautiful day in washington dc

it was a beautiful day in washington dc
a pertect day for your favorite fall sport

not sure if the marathoners had as good a day in the district as the cyclocross racers had today in the district
if they had as much fun running as we had on our bikes
I bet it was one hell of a marathon

today rocked!
dcmtb hosted a rocking cyclocross race!

it was a party!

a heart pumping
legs burning party
only no disco ball
but there was sean bega both mcee and dj

as I raced in the Men's Masters Race at DCCX I fought it out midpack
I listened to the race unfold upfront

it was exciting to hear my brother lead for so much of the race

it was also fun to hear all the cowbells and all the cheering

it was funny on lap six when I heard what sounded like MikeK shout the words
your brother is gonna beat you
and well
he did beat me
he beat all but to cyborgs from the 45 plus category
those guys are not human

hosting the race gave me the excuse to hang out for the full day
lisa came out with the kids
my brothers kids hung with my kids as we raced
it is a good lesson for my boys to learn to see their daddy get beaten by so many men
including my own brother

then after my wife left with the kids I stayed behind to cheer than tear down

it was exciting to see the other races
it was exciting to move about the course and feel the buzz of the day
people loved the course
people loved the race
people were smiling
people were racing fast
the racers were putting on quite a show

there was mixing and mingling
there was hanging out

and there was racing
a few people in costume
most people dressed as cyclocross racers and a few cross dressers