a good day... a good night

it was a good day
it has been a good night

not enough time for everything I want to do
I want to blog
I want to sleep
I will spit something out and then hit the sack
just got done playing with some images
just got done playing with my bike

after work I rolled through Revolutions in Georgetown to see if Cargo Mike was working
Superdave was there and assured me that Mike was headed this way
Dave and I caught up as Dave gave me the tutorial on the Hayes brake pad removal and adjustment
no dah
no doy
dah hickey
such a simple procedure that dave leaned over and pointed and I pulled out the pads
things were very intutive and my fear that the mechanism was going to crumble in my hands quickly vanished
dave pulled some replacement pads
then after inspection I did not need the pads
just cleaned the discs and the pads then do a little adjustment

mike rolled in as I was winding up the repair
mike started poking around
next thing the bike was in the stand
mike is a mechanic
I am a guy that can keep it running
nothing runs show room new for me

there was talk of need to replace my single speed freewheel
there was talk of the worthiness of the more expensive products
it all made a whole lot of sense
mike took a wrench to my bike and got things to the comfortable level that they should be at right before a weekend of mountain biking

I dashed out of the shop and onto the bike into traffic with the falling sun
got to cut through some urban stuff away from the cars
got home to an empty house
the kids were with mom walking the dogs

after the kids went to bed I gathered some gear
all sorts of gear
roughly four sets of gear
a variety of gear incase the weather is not what I am expecting
enough gear for maybe 4 laps at the Paranormal
going duo with Redlack

after some gloves, some shorts, all sorts of socks, some gloves, and enough jersey and short combinations for four laps each getting cooler as the night progresses
yes after all this I got the Karate Monkey Single out of the garage
did a little work on the monkey

needed to get some bars
as the monkey lost its bars to the specialized double banger
the pedals are on the jamis exile
the thudbuster seatpost is the seatpost that needs to be warrantied
and the seat... well... I love WTB... but I do not love this ass splitter

so I put some bars, different levers, non-matching grips, a cool looking saddle I have never ridden, a standard seatpost that came with the jamis that goes unused because the thudbuster is its replacement
then some cleaning and lubing of the chain
air in the back tire
swap out the front tire for that 2.55 WTB Weirwolf!
it all came together pretty quick

did not spin on it yet
will take it light into work
with an allen set in my pocket
things may need to be adjusted to fit
some things may need to be adjusted to.. like the braking

enough now...
that Karate Monkey needs that Jamis fork on it
that is a favor from a friend for another day
a favor that may involve some money changing hands... or at least a six pack

time to sleep
tomorrow I ride
saturday I race

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