thanks dcmtb

thanks dcmtb for an awesome cyclocross
there were so many people who contributed
but there were a few core people who really made this happen
matty d, my brother marc, and loren are definitely some top players
everyone did their part
daven picking up the trailer
kent loaning his truck
there are too many people to mention
I did less than most but I managed to do some
everyone contributed

a special thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered who is not on the DCMTB squad;
tia, katyd, evan ellicott, jeff peel, those who traveled with jeff peel, and whoever else
max... I did not name you because I thought you were still on the mountainbike team
this event took many parts to create the machine that ran a very smooth cyclocross event in the district of columbia

reports to come

the reports from everyone were beyond positive

the course was fantastic
the competition was speedy
the energy was up and the tone was positive
days and days of heavy rain left some nice soft ground under sunny skies on a warm fall day
a very exciting day in the district for sports
and most everyone on site had forgotten that there was a running race also taking place in the district at the same time