support your local artist... support your friend's who are artists

the other day my old friend adam gave me a piece of art for my 40th birthday
we went through his basement and I got to select a piece
he had something that I really liked
now that something is hanging over our bed
no money changed hands
but art is meant to be hung
art is meant to be shared

I have a few pop art projects in my mind
I also need to chase down some people for their art

I have been meaning to get a piece of art from Kevin Nierman
we talked... not it is just a matter of ordering the pieces then having them framed/mounted
also have been meaning to get a piece by Nikolas Shiller
I have not seen Nikolas in a while... last I saw him it was across a crowded dance floor at 18th Street Loun
See-I was playing
too busy dancing to break across the crowd to say hello

all this thought was brought to surface by the words and images on sixtyminuteartist.blogspot.com

that said...
I have less than sixty rational minutes to play with some images


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Geez, no mention of me...I'm heartbroken!


gwadzilla said...

steve... I will support you
let me buy you a beer!