the short trip to work...

yes I posted this image previously on the blog

this morning I could have shot a similar sequence with chris' wife libbey

but... the camera was in the bag and I was on the bike

this morning I rode the Jamis Exile 29er into work rather than the Jamis Nova Cyclocross bike

shifting my thoughts to doing a mountain bike race this weekend

figure it would make sense to remind myself what a mountain bike feels like between my legs

on my short downtown commute I heard a voice call my name
I zipped through a crowd of people standing around like cows being lead to slaughter

the voice was feminine and lacked the accent I would have anticipated from the people standing in my way

I glanced back
it was Libbey right on my tail
this was perfect
we were a block before Malcolm X Park... a park that is officially known as Meridian Hill Park but to locals it is referred to as Malcolm X

we shared hellos as we approached the park
I asked for Libbey to lead then I mistakenly took a path different from hers which caused me to backtrack to catch her tail

it was good to have someone set the pace

I did not want to snail through... nor did I want to bullet through and find myself in the hospital

we slammed down the stairs like rocking horses
fast chattering down the steep stairs
then we flowed down the terraced stairs
then a few more sections of steep stairs

then some more terraced stairs

a park service employee did not give us a glance

a homeless man offered up a smile

other than that there were no people in our path

like an espresso shot on top of my large morning cup of coffee

what a great way to start the day

wish I had more time to ride in the morning before work

wish there was a full on terrain park on my way into work

this would really help to start the day with a smile

maybe next time I will snap some shots of libbey rocking the stairs

a shot of libbey on a city sidewalk taken in the spring

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