hounddog... is that a Bell V1-Pro

hounddog... sweet move
and... sweet helmet

I wonder... is that my old Bell V1-Pro?

image from here

and yes... I still have that old zorlac you gave me
my kids sit on it in the alley behind my house
skating never happened for me
not like this
that is like a circus move in my mind

that photo may well be near 20 years old
that helmet... well... it was a few years old before this photo was taken

this morning rolling into work I saw a man wearing a Bell V1-Pro
it shocked me... I just figure... if you are going to wear a helmet... why not use today's technology
not to mention the shelf life of styrofoam
sure... it is better to ride with any helmet than no helmet
but riding with a 25 year old bicycle helmet is like using ropes to strap yourself into the car driver's seat rather than using the seatbelt

it you are going to wear a helmet... suck it up and pay the fifty bucks for the helmet that has been tested for bicycle specific crashes
that goes for parents with your kids... give your kid the right size helmet, do not put it on them backwards, and give them the correct helmet for the sport they are involved in
your kid does not step up to bat in a football helmet
do not have them show up at the skate rink with a soccer helmet
there are places to cut corners... the helmet may not be that place

the guy this morning with the Bell V1-Pro was wearing headphones

it you are going to be the retro guy with the ancient helmet that matches the ancient bike
that better not be an iPod
I want that to be an official Sony Walkman!
not with a cd player neither
you better be rocking the cassette tape

the same goes for the kid who thought he was Jesus Christ out for a jog...
shoeless running in Rock Creek Park?
give me a break!
with your pretty boy long hair starting to dread... get some shoes
the broken glass and rusty needles will give you stigmata that you will not rise from the dead from
and... it you are getting back to nature with your shoelessness
try some iPodlessness... that is a truer approach to getting in touch with nature than running with your shoes off

enough on that soap box
the suds are getting thick in here