chris soda

ran into chris soda the other day in the park

it was good to see chris
he looks well
he seems to be dealing with the time off the bike well enough
it is not easy

but... chris will return to the bike
he just can not ride right now

it is an interesting story
the accident
the details around the accident
the months leading up to the accident

there is a story there
the Destination Dublin Alleycat series is part of that story
Chris Soda's dominance through the series
Skandar's fight to hang strong in Chris' shadow
only to use the last race with double points to change the fate of the day

Meredith also forced an upset knocking Lola out of the top women's seat
I never really talked to any of the folks that leaped across the pond to see how things went
the run down I got from AZ made it sound like the race in Dublin was thrown with the efficiency of an alleycat rather than situation of a world championship affair

it is a fantastic story... the whole Destination Dublin Alleycat series
the comeback of Chris Soda will be a story to watch as well
a story that is as vital as AZ getting the marcus cook award

maybe I will try to research some of these topics and get them down in greater detail
as I was not there I would need to get the facts from others

good story
great documentary film material
where is jason berry and his camera?
his story telling abilty and his ability to build the progression of tension with the images and the sounds
well... there could a story worth telling on film... okay... video

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