me.. me... me... at dccx 2007

some photos of me racing the DCCX Event on Sunday
although I am pretty much alone in these photos
my race was spent shoulder to shoulder with some very solid racers

the shoulder to shoulder started early
the start of the Men's Master Class was closer to a Roller Derby Event than a Cycling Event
on the first turn after the pavement start and the short grass hill I was shoulder to shoulder with a cluster of racers
everyone fighting to get up ahead
a racer on my right side bumped me once then bumped me twice
there was an utterance about a tree in his path
then rather than being taken out by the tree
he took me out
it was sloppy
it was ugly
we both went down

I grabbed my bike and fought to get back in the thick of it
my thumb is a tad sore
but I did not know that I had hurt my thumb until the race was over
not sure of the other racer and his bike
hope he is okay
it just seemed more rational for him to use his brakes than to crash
and well
I was trying to stay straight as there were plenty of racers on my left shoulder as well

the competition was fantastic!

much of the race I had new DCMTB recruit Mark Drajem in my shadow
Mark fought hard to hide in my blind spot
sucking my wheel as I sucked wind
late in the race he made a pass on the road
I passed him back just before the road fed back onto the grass
later in the lap he passed me and pulled away
he stayed within sight but remained out of my grasp
dropping my chain on the barrier run up kept me from reeling him in

it was a fantastic event
a great day on the bike
the energy was intense yet positive

my thumb does still hurt
especially when I try to use my blackberry


BicycleXC said...

Good race my friend! I had the time of my life.

Its a classy affair when the efforts of so many collide to make something so unique.

Keep in touch, could u send me any pics u may have, especially if i'm crashing or cursing or something XD.

Seeyea next race.

gwadzilla said...

are these the photos in the family bike shop kit?

what email?

I will see what I have
I took lots of photos

gwadzilla said...

just got an email from a racer in the Men's Master class
he was to my left when the crash occurred
he thanked me for not forcing myself into him

which makes me feel better about holding my line

it could have been a more sloppy pile up had I moved to my left

BicycleXC said...

Thanks Joel-