nice lines

in my travels I tend to see the same people everyday
this sort of things happens to anyone
not matter how great or how small a person's travels
if the route is repeated
there is a good chance that there will a chance to see some of the people over and over again

I have seen this women a few times downtown
usually on the same stretch of road
she likes to move fast
she chooses some nice lines
fast wide turns like a skier doing gs turns
always with good anticipation of the variables ahead

here everything is wide open and pointing a slight grade downhill
it is not displayed here
but she accelerated downhll and took the turn at a good clip
seemingly loving every minute of it

the other morning I had a moment like that on my single speed through malcom x park
I need to build up an urban around town
maybe the second single speed could use a little push is a slightly different direction
a little stiffer gearing
maybe lose the knobbies
add some fenders
maybe keep the knobbies and try that super fat tire I got... I can not recall if it is a WTB or not
as I thought it was wider than 2.3

either way...
I have been meaning to swap the monkey fork for the rigid jamis fork I have from the exile which is squishy in the front
the larger gear could come from the old rocky mountain blizzard
those race face cranks are worn... but only on the surface
that middle ring has some life in it
then there are some old Avid levers on an old Kona bar that will work well on this frame that lost its bar when I tried to revive that Specialized double banger that I bought as a desparate act to make the Shenadoah Mountain 100 less of a burden

there are some good parts ready to come back to life
this is the Surly Karate Monkey... it was built to be Frankenbiked...

this rant did some tangent traveling

tomorrow I think I will ride the Jamis Exile instead of the Jamis Nova
and then I need to decide what to do this weekend
as much as I enjoy cyclocross
I think I need to get on dirt more than I need to get out and race
maybe I should track down cargo mike for a session at shaffer on the single speeds...

cargo mike is someone I have not seen in my daily travels in some time
saw him after return from a trip across the pond
but have not seen him or his rig lately

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