EX2 Adventures makes life better for the active community in the DC Metropolitian area

Jim Harmon and the cast of characters that makes up the team of EX2 Adventures make life better for the active community in the DC Metropolitian area

over the past several years I have had the pleasure of racing fast and fun events that are within a close proximity of Washington DC thanks to Jim Harmon and EX2 Adventures

the promoter is an underappreciated member of the athletic community
be that the promoter of a 24 hour race, an alley cat, or a running event
people take it for granted that someone will host an event like this
these people are to be appreciated and not taken for granted
too many complained about Dan Comber... not enough people appreciated him
now were are all the races that Dan hosted?

today I did not run the off road trail running race called the Backyard Burn hosted by EX2 Adventures in Northern Virginia
but I did show up with the kids to support my wife who was running the five mile course with a couple of friends

it looked like fun!

just like the Cranky Monkey events... just leave the bike at home and wear running shoes instead of cycling shoes

it is all very tempting
it is amazing that this sort of thing occurs somewhat under the radar
only those who know know
apparently enough people know so that today's event sold out!


next year I may see if the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey fits into my summer race efforts
and well...
I may even see if some of these running events fit into my athletic efforts
right now I am not ready for much running
but a goal will get me out there
maybe I need to set one of these Backyard Burn events as a goal!