this morning's ride

this morning I had a few extra minutes on the bike before work

this morning I had a few extra minutes on the bike before work
not enough time for a ride
but enough time to roll in casually
instead of the standard dagwood bumstead on the bike routine

so this morning when I rolled up on chris I decided to follow him for a few blocks as we each rode into work
a few snaps of the shutter as we say hello and good morning
a gesture and such reveals the planned trajectory
I say I will follow... then I ask if he takes the same route as libby through the park
libby is chris' wife
the park is malcom x park along 16th street just ahead
malcom x park is officially known as meridian hill park
a site once considered for the placement of the white house

I had ridden through malcom x with libbey on a morning commute some time ago
it seems that
chris and libbey shared the same path across town
I figured I would follow
I questioned the stairs with the camera dangling from my neck

with the deadline of arriving to work we chatted as we rode
always focused on moving forward I snapped shots as we stalled at red lights or impassable intersections

we entered malcom x park and chris lead
chris was more aggressive on the stairs thean myself
I was pleased to have my camera as an excuse for being slow on the stairs

when I rode the stairs with libby I had the excuse of being on a rigid single speed for being slow
she was on 29er double banger
chris was on a 29er single speed with front suspension
my bike on this day had a front suspension fork
my original excuse was gone
the camera was excuse enough

snapped a few shots
was excited to see what I got
thought I got some good shots in good light when I took them
sure enough
some good shots happened

always good to see chris
always good to see libbey
they are good people
as a parent trying to balance it all I always find it a inspiring to see chris and or libbey
they are active parents with four active kids
which gives me some perspective on what I should be capable of with two kids rather than four

maybe I will see chris at the kids soccer games tomorrow
maybe I will see chris and the family tomorrow afternoon for a little backyard halloween gathering that is happening tomorrow

if not... I need to get out on the bike with these guys again
mountain bike or cross bike
either way I need to ride
these people are good to ride with

libbey is having a fantastic cross season


gwadzilla said...

I think these photos came out really well

I think I may send them to Brad and Geoff at Urban Velo


gwadzilla said...

I took this route to work this morning...

zipping down those stairs was like an espresso shot on top of my already large cup of coffee!

this time I took the stairs with the camera in my pack rather than dangling around my neck