the eve of dccx

it is the eve of dccx
a cyclocross race in the district hosted by dcmtb

I am sore from a day of course work
the task of race promotion and race prepartion is an underestimated art
the energy that goes into this contribution
it is amazing
I am sore... and I only helped with the course work today
others have been doing all sorts of preparation in additon to the work on the course itself
a great deal goes into hosting an event like this

and well
it is all coming together
on the tenth anniversary of this humble mountain bike team in the district of columbia there is going to be a cyclocross race
it is going to be a great race
the rain leading up to the event is a grand contribution to the quality of the race
it will be a challenging course
people will enjoy themselves
people will push themselves
people will feel various levels of self inflicted pain

after we finished the course set up we took a couple of laps
the course offered a wide vairety of challenges
good balances of twists and turns split up with some great road sections
we uncovered some brick to give a little mix up
it is a nice little touch
cross is about the nice little touches

this course has a number of great little touches

tomorrow should be a good day