song on the radio inspiring me to chase down an old friend

a song on the radio has inspired me to chase down an old friend
the song is freddies dead
the band is fishbown
the old friend is gene hawkins
no luck finding what I am looking for with lucy brown and google

I google the combination of gwadzilla and lucy brown
I do this often to get back to some old thoughts I would like to revisit
I wanted to watch a lucy brown video on you tube
this gwadzilla archive almost got me there
the video had been removed
but I got to see the archive and get back some of the images in my own mind

too young to die

lucy brown on the wiki page

I would need to find a cassette player before I concerned with finding anything that I may have owned by Lucy Brown... cassette player? we used to make fun of 8 track... cassette player is just as much of a dinosaur
guess it is silly to think that cds will remain as a form of digital media


Xunga said...

....the only thing I remember is Gene's extremely hot French girlfriend---;)

Danielle said...

I miss Gene a lot today and this is the second time I've written a comment on your blog, just today. I was searching for the old cd since I wore a hole in my tape years ago. Isabel was his hot french girlfriend who I haven't seen since his funeral. It's been 12 years and still I miss him. Best big cuz a girl could have.