zipping around town with the small gear in traffic

today I rode the jamis single speed to work
things worked out well headed both to work and also on my extended ride home
it was not a long ride
but I think I got a little more than an hour of spinning that thing around town

on the ride I felt like the seatpost was slipping
not slipping down... back and forth
against my better judgement I used my inner thigh to scoot things right again

this happened few times within my short over spin through downtown traffic on a bike geared for dirt

when I got home I ran into chris from down the block
he was on his cross bike talking about granogue
I was on my single speed talking about panorama
we looked over my bike and talked a few tangents of bicycle related things
in this discussion I talked about my new Thudbuster seat post
and the slippage of this seatpost that does not occur on its native bike the Karate Monkey Single Speed

then we noticed that it was not lateral slippage of the seatpost
which I thought was odd
no we noticed that there was some unusual lateral play in the seatpost

not from worn bushings
but from the joint of the seatpost and the paralellagram
or whatever it is

so tonight after the kids finally went to sleep I set up the suspension seatpost
the thudbuster has changed its design a few times
it is still not easy
some seatposts swap seats more easily than others
these post swap seats with some difficulty along with the need to swap bushings

a quick clean and lube of the chain
a shrug of the shoulders as I pull the brake levers that seem to be revealing that I need some new brake pads
and the bike is ready... well... ready for riding to work tomorrow

will need to take a look at the bike a little more closely
and maybe I should clean up the karate monkey single as a spare

racing with redlack in the clydesdales on our single speeds
sort of a cool bookmark to the season
starting things off at Lodi Farms and then racing again together at Panorama
we have done it before

redlack and I just do not race with each other
when we race the clock we race each other
I am feeling fat and slow
hopefully this friendly competition aids me in spirit where fitness is absent

those are some shots from lodi farms

the thudbuster: the thudbuster rocks! I own 4 of them... I have one on four different hard tails! I am confident that thudbuster will warranty this broken seatpost

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Unknown said...

not sure if this is your issue, but grit gets in the bushings and wears them down, leading to play. you can extend the life of your thudbuster by putting a neoprene boot over them.