you may be able to get a christmas tree the day before christmas

you may be able to get a christmas tree the day before christmas
but don't think you are going to get a pumpkin the day before halloween

yesterday I asked the babysitter to grab a few pumpkins when headed home from picking the kids up from school
she went to two grocery stores
no pumpkins

who would have thought that the draught of the season would effect us so directly
go figure

luckily we had six or seven small pumpkins from the various trips to the various pumpkin patches both with and without their perspective schools

so last night we carved pumpkins

the boys plotted the direction of the pumpkin faces
then I cut the lids off and they scooped out the seeds and the guts
we had a pretty efficient assembly line
before the last lid was cut the oven was preheating
by the time the last pumpkin was empty the internet had been consulted on various pumpkin seed recipes and the oven was ready

everyone waited in anticipation as the house filled with that roasted pumpkin seed smell
anxiously we checked the seeds
flipping and rotating
adding more kosher salt, garlic powder, and old bay
three separate strips of three separate flavors

the seeds were well worth the wait
you do not want to over cook them
but you do not want to under cook them
you most definitely want them toasted to a crunch

old bay
it is great on pumpkin seeds

I am not sure what is happening right now
lisa is out with the boys as it is just turning dark
I will try to join them on Lamont Street here in Mount Pleasant after I finish my dinner

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